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Dublin 26.06.08: a film in 4 days.

In a rare and potentially fatal feat of cinematic daring, this film was shot entirely between 12.01am to 11.59pm on Thursday, June 26th 2008. 30 filmmaking teams or individuals made the movies composing this film. The participants were invited guests feature a selection of the best artistic talent in Ireland.

Director Lenny Abrahamson (”Garage”) curated the film and remixed the edit in 4 days.

The Darklight Film Festival premièred the film on Sunday June 29th 2008 in Thomas Reads and the Irish Film Institute in Dublin, Ireland.

The film is an eclectic, multi-authored impression of Dublin (within the M50) as it lived, died, breathed, made love, filled up and emptied, consumed, wept, was rained or shone on, grew bright and then darkened again.

Each film maker delivered a finished piece, between three and five minutes long, to curator/remixer Lenny Abrahamson who then used the films intact or cut them up, ordered them and reordered them, to produce, we hope, an original, intense and exciting film; a kind of Frankenstein archive of the city and the lives it contained on Thursday, June 26th 2008.

As far as possible, the process was recorded on video, photographs and blogs. You can read the blog here.

Supervising Director: Lenny Abrahamson
Supervising Editor: Declan Lynch
Producer: Andrew McAvinchey

The Film makers (in no particular order):

Rebecca Daly | Peter ‘Magic’ Johnson | Gavin Kelly / Piranha Bar
Rachel Rath / The Attic Studio | Carmel Winters | Jason Figgis
Yolanda Barker
| Simon Gibney | Frances Roe | Conor McMahon
Jessie and Sue LoveAction | Aine Ni Fhaolain | Marc-Ivan O’Gorman
Derek O’Connor | Emer Martin | David Crann | Aaron O’Reilly
Conor Barry et al | Graham Cantwell | Donal Scannell | Ruairi O Brien
Tristan Hutchinson | Daniel O’Hara | Miriam and Diolmhain Ingram
Kevin Marron
| Vj Voytas | Denise Woods | Enda Mac Nally
Michael Lathrop | David Chandler | Jesus Urda | Paddy Jolley
Andrew McAvinchey | Lenny Abrahamson | Declan Lynch

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To see the individual movies, read behind the scenes stories or stay up to date, you can read the 4daymovie blog here.

7 responses to “Watch the movie here

  1. Even though it’s me, I still love this movie and am very proud to be involved. Very. Well done everyone 🙂

  2. Excellent work! (I’m the level 70 mage by the way)

  3. Elaine Parsons

    Just watched the full movie -it’s really great. Well done everyone.

  4. Really enjoyed it, especially the Lisbot!

  5. I just watched it there, better late than never, 🙂 It’s really great, congratulations to everyone getting down with it 🙂

  6. Quite like it, despite many of the avant garde style segments…cool, though! well done!

  7. good job everybody…i did like some parts…some less…story of woman&babychicken is best

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