Hello world and hello Dublin!

Well here it is. The start, the beginning of the journey.

In a few hours 30 film makers and their crews will be taking to the streets of Dublin to help contribute to a unique project: Dublin: The Movie.

As part of the Darklight Film Festival a few brave people are helping create the 4-Day Film Project.

In a rare and potentially fatal feat of cinematic daring, Darklight will present a feature length film on the last day of this year’s festival –  one shot entirely on the first day.

The film will be an eclectic, multi-authored impression of Dublin (within the M50) as it lived, died, breathed, fucked, filled up and emptied, consumed, wept, was rained or shone on, grew bright and then darkened again…

Darklight has invited an eclectic bunch of artists – narrative film-makers, documentarians, visual artists and the like – to watch, meditate on, interfere with or otherwise interrogate material of their choice in whichever style makes sense to them.

Curator Lenny Abrahamson will then use the films intact or cut them up, order them and reorder them, to produce, we hope, an original, intense and exciting film; a kind of Frankenstein archive of the city and the lives it contains on Thursday, June 26th 2008.

What will emerge? Who knows. What is certain is that the Darklight 4-Day Film will be a unique event and one of the highlights of the festival.

So what I’m doing now is contacting all the film makers and letting them know what’s going on. This will be fun!


2 responses to “Hello world and hello Dublin!

  1. Best of luck, really wanted to take part but couldn’t find out how. Hope it goes well and look forward to seeing the finished piece!

  2. Thanks for visiting and for the comment Sarah. We’re all kicked off here and raring to go. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people are getting up to out there!

    Stay tuned 🙂

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