Graham Cantwell talks about his shoot

The lucky guy to the right of this photo in the blue jacket is Graham Cantwell. He’s off out on a shoot with Karl Argue (blessed is he among women!), Philomena Fitzpatrick, Bernice McLoughlin, Aoife Moore, Danielle Masterson, Linda Teehan, Klara McDonnell and Carla McGlynn to shoot a modern take on Ulysses in Dublin.

“Joyce’s Ulysses was his capturing a day in Dublin in literary form.

We have the same opportunity on film and so rather than taking on the Joyce novel, I’m going back to the original Homeric epic, and one aspect in particular, the only man who survived hearing the song of the sirens and survived, because he was saved by the Goddess Aphrodite. So that’s what we’re up to.”

That’s certainly a film that I’m looking forward to! When asked for one word about his feelings, he came back with:


A good way to be! Graham is also a founder of The Attic Studio, which he created with Rachel Rath in 2003. It’s is a community of actors, directors and writers who meet regularly to rehearse, share ideas and network with a priority to explore and create new work.


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