The legal aspects of doing this movie

Photography and The Law
Photo owned by Byflickr (cc)

One of the really interesting emails today was about how a movie like this is put together, especially by keeping everyone within legal guidelines. Despite the next 24 hours being hectic there are also rules that our intrepid film makers need to follow:

Very generally speaking you will not have to obtain releases when filming people in public places. There are exceptions to this:

  • Minors will need a release signed by their parents (have parents sign their name “for and on behalf of child”)
  • You’ll need to be obvious about what you’re doing
  • No stalking, chasing down street….and no capturing people who could be said to have a reasonable expectation of privacy ….tricky to judge…
  • That said if you do feel the need to stalk, harass, or spy on folk… once you get them to sign a release form, it should be all good… or pay them off… get saving …
  • The release forms the Film is using mean you have to credit everyone who signs the release – please make sure you remember everyone
  • Please don’t use music you don’t have a license through. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License material you find online is fine also

It’s great to see the use of the Creative Commons, which Darklight has a long history of promoting. The Creative Commons is basically a new approach to copyright and ownership (like for example on Flickr ) that facilitates sharing and collaborative creativity. It’s a good sign for the future of film festivals and ideas like this that this type of sharing is promoted.


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