From the edit room – Lenny says

A note from Lenny to all the film makers:

So, we are right in the middle of it here at mission control. I’m blown away by the quality of the work and genuinely amazed at what you’ve produced in less than 48 hours. We have only now (10am) got everything into the machine, all working, all at the right res etc. All in all there are over 30 projects. Declan slept on the Budda bag in the Darklight office for the grand total of an hour. I went home and listened to my baby son crying before retiring to the spare room for the last shreds of the night. But it’s all worth it for the feeling of energy around the whole thing.

The timeline now (with 25 of the 30 projects in) is 3 hrs. There will have to be some casualties to make a 90min piece and that’s going to be hard … Some pieces lend themselves to cutting down, some don’t. I’ll keep you all posted.

Can you sense the stress? 😉


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