Interview with Conor McMahon

The opening shot is a take on Midnight Cowboy, he was thinking of calling it “Scumbags in the Mist” and it’s based on something that happened to him. I caught up with Conor McMahon at Filmbase just after he’d finished shooting.

(sorry about the sound quality)

With him were Paul Ward, Ciarán Foy and Steven Neeson, who may or may not be Liam’s son…

The true story from Conor:

I was mugged once on Dorset Street. He took my bank card but made me walk with him to the ATM to get money. On the way we veered from casual conversation to “I’ll break yer bleedin’ head in…” threats. It was quite bizarre, him reminding me of the situation and where I stood.

Today though there were a few people wondering what we were up to, including one have-a-go hero. Good to know that there’s still people around who are willing to help!


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