Marvellous musicians and their magic offer

We’ve had some very generous offers of music from some amazing artists.

Damien Dempsey has most generously allowed us to use his music on the film. Check out his new album, The Rocky Road.

Miriam Ingram has very generously offered her music and she’s even willing to compose! She and her son Diolmhain have made a movie as well. offer music composition for movies and they’re great.

Chequerboard is also being generous enough to allow us to use his music in the remixed feature.

Thank you so much to all the artists offering music for this, it’s going to make such a huge difference.


One response to “Marvellous musicians and their magic offer

  1. Big thanks also to David Blanc and Anthony Kiernan who worked their asses off all week to finish their track ‘Life In Death’ for my film – you’ll hear it in the finished version online.

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