Dublin: The Movie – a post launch review

Tonight I felt lucky enough to have stood in The Oak, Temple Bar and view the work of so many talented film makers on screen. From the opening shots of a beach at sunrise through markets being set up, new life and sudden death through images of loneliness, of violence, of identity, of nationality, of comedy (an Ireland Chameleon) and of pure vision, I felt proud to see a unique vision of Dublin emerge – one that doesn’t focus on the violence, the expense, the pollution, the uncaring anonymity or any of the other stereotypical and sad images that others target in favour of a diverse, manic, full-of-life, colour, sound and vision filled city where almost anything could happen.

It was evident from the shorts that the film makers were “into” it. The enthusiasm of the actors, the careful setting of some of the shots and the common theme of the rain all became an important factor that contributed to the emerging theme. The work of Declan and Lenny in weaving their spell over the films, carefully slicing and intermingling stories, keeping some in their entirety where others stepped in and out in a seeming dance became apparent as we laughed when we saw familiar faces, characters and storylines re-emerge to join the conversation.

There’s nothing like seeing yourself on the big screen, seeing your work up there and realising that you’ve contributed to something. I envy all the actors, the film makers, the umbrella holders and the musicians who saw their talent on the screen last night. I’m jealous but I’m proud that this was created, that it came to life, that Dublin on June 26 was captured in such a great way. I look forward to the short films being released in their own right. I look forward to being able to mix and match my own choices of shorts. I can’t wait to see it again. To show my folks and say “See dat? I was dere”.

Great stuff altogether.


6 responses to “Dublin: The Movie – a post launch review

  1. Is it going to be available online?

  2. Hi Elly, thanks for the visit 🙂

    Yes it will be online, as soon as possible! Each individual film, the whole thing and eventually the opportunity to mix and match your own Dublin Movie.

    We’ll be keeping this blog updated, so please check back. We’re also @4daymovie on Twitter.

    Cheers 🙂

  3. trishutchinson

    truly was a great night and totally blown away by the quality of it all. More of this very soon! Tris.

    p.s. – can you add me to this wordpress friends?!


  4. Hey Tristan, thanks for visiting and for the comment! Glad you had a great night – thought your segment was really cool.

    You’re added – welcome to blogging 🙂

  5. Hey, David Chandler here, just letting you know that me and the lads involved with ‘Shamrockfield’ (the final, Dublin-disaster themed film shown in the movie) have put up our edit on youtube, so you can check that out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEFRcT4q8Uk

    Cheers! Dave

  6. @David Chandler – thanks David, excellent. Have just posted that now. Well done 🙂

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