David Chandler’s ‘Shamrockfield’

Remember Cloverfield? A big monster attacks New York? Check out this short from David and team – see what’s attacking Dublin!

Well done guys – really great work and provoked a lot of laughter at the launch 🙂

4 responses to “David Chandler’s ‘Shamrockfield’

  1. Hey, thanks for the blog post! Cheers also for the Youtube comment and such,

    Dave C

  2. Hey could you accredit the other lads Michael Lathrop and Enda Mac Nally were responsible for the clip’s production also? The title of the post ‘David Chandler’s Shamrockfield’ isn’t entirely appropriate you see… The 3 of us were in charge, I guess you could say! I didn’t lead or anything

    Cheers, dave

  3. trishutchinson

    hey man, totally great film. could you explain a bit about the production process – what you used to shoot on and your post process? the film looked ace.

    again, nice one!


  4. Thanks, tris!

    The production was really very simple: A party was arranged in a mate’s apartment in town (really similar to the one in Cloverfield, with a great roof view too!) and we basically whipped out the camera at midnight, and got natural reactions from people… then we basically ran around town for another hour running and screaming.

    We used a new Canon HV30 for shooting, really great camera, compact and good for running around with.

    post-processing was where it got tough… after loads of work we came up with an overall sound design that really worked, and the visual effects took ages to get something that we were happy with. It involved simple video compositing and a little bit of motion tracking to get it looking ‘right’.

    It also helped that we ran away whenever any giant robots showed up… definately saved post processing time.

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