Dublin 260608 was the first version of Dublin: The Movie. We’d like to see other people use the material submitted for the project to compose their own remixes of the film.

All of the short films submitted for the project are available for you to view and remix here:

Watch the shorts and REMIX THIS MOVIE.

The site will allow you to view the short films but also to mix and edit them online. We’d love to see the new versions of the movie here so send us your remixes!

All the content for the movie is available for you to use in whatever way you please under the Creative Commons attribution license 2.0. Generally speaking, please give credit where credit is due, and be respectful of the work, otherwise do what you will!

You can still watch the complete feature film online HERE.

Note: the feature film is 48 minutes long and may take a while to download on some internet connections. Time to make a cup of tea.


Daniel O’ Hara’s ‘Birth to Earth’

Daniel has sent us in his short film ‘Birth to Earth‘.

“It was a pleasure to be involved in this unique project.

My idea was to acknowledge those for whom the date 26/6/08 as most significant – those born and those who died on that day. Not as much fun as ‘Shamrockfield’, I admit, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!”

Daniel’s production company, Dough productions also have a brand new website! You can watch their short films ‘Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom‘ and ‘Fluent Dysphasia‘ as well as a clip from their TG4 series ‘Paddywhackery‘. The site was designed by Anne O’Hara.

Thanks Daniel for this piece. I found it moving and beautiful.

What the film makers do when not making this movie

In the case of Jessie and Sue, Rachel Rath and a certain Andrew McAvinchey on camera, they make short films like this!

Although not part of the 4daymovie project, you can see they had fun. The Athenrides was part of the IFB’s Virtual Cinema scheme and premiered at this year’s Darklight Festival.

Dublin from a different perspective

Sent in this evening by Vj Voytas. Thanks Vj! 🙂

More comments about Dublin: The Movie

There’s been some great feedback about the process and the first screening which took place on Sunday – here’s what some of the participants had to say:

Nicky Gogan, Darklight Festival Director:

Hi everyone, you should all be really proud, i was on the edge of my seat for the whole film.

So beautiful and imaginative and funny and insightful and moving, This project is the perfect synthesis of what we have been doing at Darklight. Well done folks, I cant wait to see where it goes next – go creative commons!

Derek O’ Connor, Darklight Programme Director:

What can I say… I was blown away. Congrats to everyone. It made the festival.

Rachel Rath:

Congratulations to all… Thank you for the opportunity to be part of something so historically extraordinary. I am in awe of the film, such melding of such talent.

I am so honoured to have been part of this event that is so uniquely collaborative and inventive. Perhaps other cities in Ireland/the world/the universe might make their own?

I can’t wait to see the individual pieces.

Thank you and well done Andrew for getting this off the ground. Thanks Lenny and Declan for your amazing editing. Thank you filmmakers for your talent. Thank you Derek and Nicky for the setting and opportunity to do this. I am left feeling so inspired and elated.

See you all out on set!

Miriam Ingram:

Have to say, I was utterly blown away this evening. What a flushed honour to have been a part of this – as an umbrella-holder and proud mum. Well done to everybody who made the whole thing happen.

May the briars and brambles scrawl and tangle, as you sleep for a hundred years… 🙂

Jason Figgis

It was an amazing experience to be involved with this incredible event. Maybe we can all do something like this again when we manage to get our collective energy back. All the best 🙂

Stonybatter by Jessie Ward and Susie Morrell

The lovely Jessie Ward has been in touch to let us know the film made by herself and Susie Morrell is now online.

Featuring Wiliam Miel, Yves, Longondo, Helloson, Antonio, J.C. Mamgala and Nelly Kadima, it was shot in Stonybatter and Bull Island.

David Chandler’s ‘Shamrockfield’

Remember Cloverfield? A big monster attacks New York? Check out this short from David and team – see what’s attacking Dublin!

Well done guys – really great work and provoked a lot of laughter at the launch 🙂

Extract from ‘Tour de la Cuidad’

Tristan Hutchinson has just made an extract from his movie Tour de la Cuidad available online.

Find out more about Tristan on his shiny new blog! Don’t forget to leave a comment!

Dublin: The Movie – a post launch review

Tonight I felt lucky enough to have stood in The Oak, Temple Bar and view the work of so many talented film makers on screen. From the opening shots of a beach at sunrise through markets being set up, new life and sudden death through images of loneliness, of violence, of identity, of nationality, of comedy (an Ireland Chameleon) and of pure vision, I felt proud to see a unique vision of Dublin emerge – one that doesn’t focus on the violence, the expense, the pollution, the uncaring anonymity or any of the other stereotypical and sad images that others target in favour of a diverse, manic, full-of-life, colour, sound and vision filled city where almost anything could happen.

It was evident from the shorts that the film makers were “into” it. The enthusiasm of the actors, the careful setting of some of the shots and the common theme of the rain all became an important factor that contributed to the emerging theme. The work of Declan and Lenny in weaving their spell over the films, carefully slicing and intermingling stories, keeping some in their entirety where others stepped in and out in a seeming dance became apparent as we laughed when we saw familiar faces, characters and storylines re-emerge to join the conversation.

There’s nothing like seeing yourself on the big screen, seeing your work up there and realising that you’ve contributed to something. I envy all the actors, the film makers, the umbrella holders and the musicians who saw their talent on the screen last night. I’m jealous but I’m proud that this was created, that it came to life, that Dublin on June 26 was captured in such a great way. I look forward to the short films being released in their own right. I look forward to being able to mix and match my own choices of shorts. I can’t wait to see it again. To show my folks and say “See dat? I was dere”.

Great stuff altogether.

Before we go to the screening

A big THANK YOU from Emily, Niamh and I for allowing us to become involved.

Thank you to the film makers who gave so generously of their time in a hectic busy day. Thank you also to the actors and actresses who allowed themselves to be filmed.

Thanks to Lenny, Declan and Andrew for the coffee, the advice, the interviews and the laughs.

Thanks to everyone who linked to us, the journalists who spread the word about the project and those who supported it in any way possible.

Thank you to the Darklight festival for allowing such unparalleled access to where we needed to go.

Thank you to Filmbase for the free wireless, the patience and the friendliness.

Above all, thank you for reading. We’re looking forward to the screening(s) tonight and will have more for you very shortly. Keep an eye out for us!