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What the film makers do when not making this movie

In the case of Jessie and Sue, Rachel Rath and a certain Andrew McAvinchey on camera, they make short films like this!

Although not part of the 4daymovie project, you can see they had fun. The Athenrides was part of the IFB’s Virtual Cinema scheme and premiered at this year’s Darklight Festival.

Overheard on the shoot:

Some of the things people tell us are quite, erm, interesting. From the sublime:

How do you recognise an email from a Buddhist?
There’s no attachment.

To the lyrics to a suggested piece:

Hey blind boy lose your inhibitions,
Give me the lumber in all the positions,
Before you do I only got one condition
Read the Kama Sutra, Braille Edition

To wondering about the project…

So, eh, the movie, right. Will it be like a film type of thing?


Interview with Conor McMahon

The opening shot is a take on Midnight Cowboy, he was thinking of calling it “Scumbags in the Mist” and it’s based on something that happened to him. I caught up with Conor McMahon at Filmbase just after he’d finished shooting.

(sorry about the sound quality)

With him were Paul Ward, Ciarán Foy and Steven Neeson, who may or may not be Liam’s son…

The true story from Conor:

I was mugged once on Dorset Street. He took my bank card but made me walk with him to the ATM to get money. On the way we veered from casual conversation to “I’ll break yer bleedin’ head in…” threats. It was quite bizarre, him reminding me of the situation and where I stood.

Today though there were a few people wondering what we were up to, including one have-a-go hero. Good to know that there’s still people around who are willing to help!

Weather in Dublin today

‘Tis a bit manky today. Here’s the official weather for the day:

Today is going to be overcast and wet throughout the day with frequent heavy showers or more persistent rain. Staying wet through the evening too but the rain will become lighter. A moderate to fresh south-westerly wind. Temperatures slightly below the June average. Max temp 13-16°C (55-61°F).

I hope it doesn’t affect too many films!

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