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Before we go to the screening

A big THANK YOU from Emily, Niamh and I for allowing us to become involved.

Thank you to the film makers who gave so generously of their time in a hectic busy day. Thank you also to the actors and actresses who allowed themselves to be filmed.

Thanks to Lenny, Declan and Andrew for the coffee, the advice, the interviews and the laughs.

Thanks to everyone who linked to us, the journalists who spread the word about the project and those who supported it in any way possible.

Thank you to the Darklight festival for allowing such unparalleled access to where we needed to go.

Thank you to Filmbase for the free wireless, the patience and the friendliness.

Above all, thank you for reading. We’re looking forward to the screening(s) tonight and will have more for you very shortly. Keep an eye out for us!

Update on tonight’s screening

Tonight’s screening is on in The Oak, Dame Street, Dublin 2, just beside Thomas Reid’s. Be warned, as it’s the festival screening it is likely to be jam packed.

Image from Humphrys Family Tree

Andrew, the film producer says:

We’re going to do all we can to ensure everyone gets to see this film tonight. Please note though, this is a public screening for the festival.

Tonight we have to consider the people coming to see the film as well as the cast and crew that took part in the production. We’re definitely having a proper cast and crew screening after the festival, but tonight there’s a couple of things you’ll have to do to get in.

1. ARRIVE EARLY!! If you arrive at 7.30 we’ll put the match on or something downstairs while we set up the show, you can relax and wait for the rest to arrive. This is the best way for you to get everyone you need to look after into the screening.

2. Please don’t bring too many people with you, please use your own discretion and be reasonable. You can use your own judgement on this but go easy on us!

Here is the good news: WE’RE PROBABLY GOING TO HAVE TWO SCREENINGS TONIGHT. The edit has been cut down to around an hour, so I think we’ll have time.

The cast and crew screening will be put together over the next couple of weeks and I’ll keep you all up to date on how it’s progressing.

The legal aspects of doing this movie

Photography and The Law
Photo owned by Byflickr (cc)

One of the really interesting emails today was about how a movie like this is put together, especially by keeping everyone within legal guidelines. Despite the next 24 hours being hectic there are also rules that our intrepid film makers need to follow:

Very generally speaking you will not have to obtain releases when filming people in public places. There are exceptions to this:

  • Minors will need a release signed by their parents (have parents sign their name “for and on behalf of child”)
  • You’ll need to be obvious about what you’re doing
  • No stalking, chasing down street….and no capturing people who could be said to have a reasonable expectation of privacy ….tricky to judge…
  • That said if you do feel the need to stalk, harass, or spy on folk… once you get them to sign a release form, it should be all good… or pay them off… get saving …
  • The release forms the Film is using mean you have to credit everyone who signs the release – please make sure you remember everyone
  • Please don’t use music you don’t have a license through. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License material you find online is fine also

It’s great to see the use of the Creative Commons, which Darklight has a long history of promoting. The Creative Commons is basically a new approach to copyright and ownership (like for example on Flickr ) that facilitates sharing and collaborative creativity. It’s a good sign for the future of film festivals and ideas like this that this type of sharing is promoted.

Hello world and hello Dublin!

Well here it is. The start, the beginning of the journey.

In a few hours 30 film makers and their crews will be taking to the streets of Dublin to help contribute to a unique project: Dublin: The Movie.

As part of the Darklight Film Festival a few brave people are helping create the 4-Day Film Project.

In a rare and potentially fatal feat of cinematic daring, Darklight will present a feature length film on the last day of this year’s festival –  one shot entirely on the first day.

The film will be an eclectic, multi-authored impression of Dublin (within the M50) as it lived, died, breathed, fucked, filled up and emptied, consumed, wept, was rained or shone on, grew bright and then darkened again…

Darklight has invited an eclectic bunch of artists – narrative film-makers, documentarians, visual artists and the like – to watch, meditate on, interfere with or otherwise interrogate material of their choice in whichever style makes sense to them.

Curator Lenny Abrahamson will then use the films intact or cut them up, order them and reorder them, to produce, we hope, an original, intense and exciting film; a kind of Frankenstein archive of the city and the lives it contains on Thursday, June 26th 2008.

What will emerge? Who knows. What is certain is that the Darklight 4-Day Film will be a unique event and one of the highlights of the festival.

So what I’m doing now is contacting all the film makers and letting them know what’s going on. This will be fun!