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Before we go to the screening

A big THANK YOU from Emily, Niamh and I for allowing us to become involved.

Thank you to the film makers who gave so generously of their time in a hectic busy day. Thank you also to the actors and actresses who allowed themselves to be filmed.

Thanks to Lenny, Declan and Andrew for the coffee, the advice, the interviews and the laughs.

Thanks to everyone who linked to us, the journalists who spread the word about the project and those who supported it in any way possible.

Thank you to the Darklight festival for allowing such unparalleled access to where we needed to go.

Thank you to Filmbase for the free wireless, the patience and the friendliness.

Above all, thank you for reading. We’re looking forward to the screening(s) tonight and will have more for you very shortly. Keep an eye out for us!

A huge thank you to…

Something like this couldn’t happen without some amazing people who offer their services to the team behind it:

The team at Filmbasewww.filmbase.ie – whose table and free wifi connection we’ve been comandeering to bring you this. Their coffee is excellent and staff very friendly.

Dave is the cool illustrator (‘drawer’) who gave us our logo and had been a design guru. Thanks Dave, love your work.

Alliance Electric on South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2. Really great people who have helped us out with lots of stuff.

Mercury Boy Productions, currently the hub of our operations. Really great viral marketers, with commercials, shorts, advertisements and podcasts. Check them out!

We’ve been using Twitterfone to stay in touch and keep us updated with what’s going on. It’s a really cool application and it’s Irish. Give it a go.

Dee and the team at the Pie Kitchenwww.piekitchen.ie – based in the Epicurean Food hall on the corner of Middle Abbey Street and Liffey Street just over the Ha’penny bridge.

Nick Fitzsimons in who has been most generous with his advice and time. A very knowledgeable guy in the music industry!

One of the best Movie sites in the world – Movies.ie. Check out the interview about our movie!

We ❤ the Chancer. Even if they are busy. ‘Nuff said.