Sitting with some sirens

It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it…

I sat with the gorgeous Linda Teehan, Carla McGlynn and Klara McDonnell to talk about their role in Graham Cantwell’s short film, a modern take on Joyce’s Ulysses.

The girls are bright, bubbly and their enthusiasm is infectious. They exude confidence and delight in their part in the shoot today and despite the rain really seem to be looking forward to the shoot.

We did Rachel Rath’s shoot last night – it was BRILLIANT. Without giving too much away we shot in Temple Bar in a group, and the reactions of the people around us were priceless.

Yeah that’s an important and fun part of it. We’re out doing our bit but we saw other people out filming – you really get a sense that you’re part of something big, a great project, something very unusual going on.

It’s fantastic to see so much collaboration, so many people coming together for this. I think it’ll be so interesting to see how they put the movie together, what they do and what the finished result will be.

I took a qik video with them as well – I hope the sound quality does it justice!


One response to “Sitting with some sirens

  1. I wish I was that guy in that film!
    Lucky fella


    Karl with a K – Argue

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